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nanananananana SARA by CarpeDentum nanananananana SARA :iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 4 5
A New Dawn
     – Tell me again?
Oscar's voice was quiet under the alarm of the battle outside. It was always quiet but this was different. He didn't have the strength to speak any louder. Lennon shifted behind him, causing him to groan softly in pain.
     – Sorry, did I hurt you? he said, gently making sure Oscar was comfortable.
They were sitting on the dirty floor in an abandoned hut not far away from the battle. Oscar hadn't been able to walk further, the bleeding having drained him of his strength quickly. He had simply collapsed outside the hut and Lennon had been forced to carry him inside. The small house was empty except for the two of them curled up in a corner. Oscar was leaning back against Lennon's chest, his breathing quick and a dark stain spreading out over the front of his grey shirt. The uniform jacket was long gone, thrown away in the woods somewhere. Lennon's hands kept moving over Oscar's long hair in soothing motio
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Amen or something...
Worlds needing rescue and souls to save. A brother without a soul, an angel who was socially awkward and a grandfather you didn't really trust. Wasn't life just peachy? On top of it all more research was needed. Dean flipped the page in yet another book, ran yet another useless Google search and it felt like it was all he ever did. When he wasn't near death fighting beings that could kill him with a snap of their fingers of course. He looked over towards the sofa where Castiel was watching TV. Had to be something incredibly interesting with the way he was staring at the screen. Wasn't interesting to Dean though so he returned to his research.
    – That's very complex.
Dean didn't really care.
    – Mhm…
He had better things to do than to listen to yet another thing that Castiel didn't understand. Trying to make him understand the voice mail thing had been hard enough. Actually, he still wasn't sure Cas had understood what he was s
:iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 2 18
I'm Your Destiny Calling
The flame flickered from the lighter for a few seconds before all that could be seen before everything went dark again except from the faint, orange glow from the end of a cigarette. This cigarette was placed between the bloodstained thumb and fingers of a young man, a young man who used his other, just as bloodstained hand, to put a few strands of his sandy blonde hair behind his ear. The man's cheeks hollowed as he took a deep drag of the cancer stick, holding the smoke in his lungs until it burned before slowly letting it out. He looked down on the ground, at the blood on the asphalt beneath his feet. He spat at one of the bodies laying there. He knew they were still breathing, he'd checked, one of them was even groaning in pain so he was probably not even dying. He took one last drag of his cigarette before dropping it on the ground, stepping on it to put it out. Without a second thought to what had just happened he started to walk away, his footsteps echoing between the walls in t
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Thank you, naive human by CarpeDentum Thank you, naive human :iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 4 20
I am looking for inspiration.
I am looking for inspiration. And I think I found it in your heart
Dillon took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he rolled off of the soft and warm body beneath him but didn't let the other go. Instead he moved closer, wrapping his arms around the beautiful man beside him, placing his hand over his heart so he could hear those still rapid heartbeats. Dillon smiled to himself as he nuzzled into that soft neck, feeling the other man's soft and curly hair fall over his face, tickling his skin. He took a deep breath and really took in the scent of the other, memorizing everything about him. He felt rather than heard the rumble of a laughter coming from the man in his arms, causing his smile to widen a bit more. God he loved when he laughed and he could imagine even now, with his eyes closed, how those lovely lips parted and let the most delightful sound come from between them.
"Dillon, what are you thinking about?" He heard the familiar voice say. That voice had the ability to do
:iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 2 0
undecided 2000s
Jordan Hamilton. Horrible Hamilton. Jordan the Jerk. He'd gotten many new names during the years Beccah had known him. He'd pestered her from kindergarten, all through middle school and all the way up to the last years of high school. His favourite pastime had seemed to be taunting her. He'd pulled her hair every P.E. class for four years. He's been the first to tease her when she hit puberty about a year before everyone else in her grade. He'd truly been terrible and she'd kept as far away from him as she possibly could for a long time.
Okay, so she hadn't been a saint either once they got into high school. She had tried to stay away yes but with her temper that had proved easier said than done. In high school her personality had grown and she realized she was with more than that, was worth too much to get tramples on like that. She started hitting back both literally and verbally and they became their generation's nemesis.
All school had their enemies. Kind of
:iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 1 0
Silence. It was never completely silent, was it? Oscar had experienced many types of silence but never silent silence. Right now it was the type of an almost empty beach. He could hear the waves roll back and forth over the sand, a few birds cried up in the clear blue sky. He could also hear a deep and rhythmic breathing beside him. He smiled as he listened to it, making his ow breathing match just because he could. It felt somewhat special, sharing the rhythm of a heartbeat with someone. He opened his eyes slowly, blinking as the bright sunlight hit him. Oscar turned over at his side and watched his best friend lying in a half slumber beside him, the steady rise and fall of his chest. There was something so beautiful about him, something serene. Oscar raised a hand and placed it on Dean's chest just to feel his heart beat beneath his fingers. This caused the sleeping man to stir and open his eyes. Oscar pulled his hand back slowly with a soft smile on his lips, a smile mir
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ID of Awesome by CarpeDentum ID of Awesome :iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 1 3
Home Is You
He was feeling antsy. Something just wasn't right with the air and the sounds and feel of the forest weren't the same. The big wolf looked up at the full moon and let out a long and broken howl. He started running back to his lair, knowing that everything to set the night right had to be there. It didn't take long before he saw the familiar little cottage in the small clearing in the middle of the woods he called home. Usually he didn't return until it was time for the moon to disappear but he just couldn't stay away when everything felt so wrong. He slowed down and trotted inside, sniffing in the air. He felt that familiar scent of blood and earth but it was weaker than usual. The source of the scent that made this feel like home wasn't there. The wolf went over to the bed and sniffed at it, getting closer to the scent he was looking for but the source wasn't there either.
The moon was disappearing. He could feel it in his bones, in his skin, in every nerve ending in his body. The pai
:iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 1 2
Hax0red My Way Into Your Heart
1337jedi signed in

GraphicsAreImportant: Hey Jedi =D
GraphicsAreImportant: What's up?
1337jedi: Not much, gonna play some and then do homework, you?
GraphicsAreImportant: Same really, want to do the mountain quest?
1337jedi: Sure! I have a few hours to spare for it
GraphicsAreImportant: Awesome, I'll just start the game then, wait for me
1337jedi: sure thing

They spent a few hours playing that game and clearing the mountain quest until Markus' mother Paula decided to barge into his room. A short but forceful battle broke out where Markus found himself ungrounded. He wasn't a normal young man really, he hated going out, hated meeting new people and preferred sitting on his room. So grounding him didn't help. So to get him to go out at all his parents ungrounded him and told him not to come home until nine pm. This was such a time. Paula had already unplugged his computer so he couldn't say goodbye to Graph either. He sighed and took his wal
:iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 1 4
The Wheels On The Bus
He'd seen him so many times. If he'd been better at drawing he would have been able to draw that face perfectly out of memory. He'd be able to get the angles right and that sunny smile and the little lines forming in the corners of his lips every time it grew wide. Maybe it was a little creepy but he couldn't help it, there was something about him that draw John's attention to him. He couldn't remember how many times he'd been sitting there, feeling lucky because the blonde got on the bus one station after him and got off one before so John could watch him for the entire trip. They had been on the same bus for over a year now and John still hadn't dared to sit in the same seat as the other. He was sure the blonde hadn't even noticed he existed yet anyway.
It should be a normal day. John got on the bus, sat down and waited for the moment he's see the blonde again. This time things went a little differently though. Sure, the blonde got on, but with him was another
:iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 1 5
Mature content
Start All Over Again :iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 1 0
A Light In Darkness
John hurried homewards, or as much home as the great house he lived in. He could never see it as home, not really. He was from a small village in Japan, two days' travel from Kyoto and how he'd ended up in London wasn't something he liked to talk about. Here he was though and he had to make the most of it. He was currently hurrying home from having dropped off some coats at a friend of his master's. It was chilly out and the fog was thick, classical London weather and it made John pull his thin coat closer around his thin body. From a distance he hardly looked like a man of two and twenty but rather a young girl dressed in trousers. The fact that his master made him have his hair half long and wear make up to accentuate the fact his eyes were different from English eyes did not help matter either. At least he wasn't forced to wear his traditional Japanese clothes though. In the beginning he'd found comfort in them but now he just wanted to fit in.
He sighed as he tur
:iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 1 3
Visiting Brother
Since Ashley had called Zach had been in a constant state of misery. He’d had that feeling a lot lately but not like this. Killian couldn’t be hurt. To Zachariah it seemed so wrong that Kill could even be hurt to begin with. Killian Grey was Superman, invincible. He couldn’t be in a coma, he just couldn’t. It seemed so human to end up in a coma from a car crash, something that could happen to Zach and not Killian. The teenager knew he had to go to the hospital; he needed to see his brother, to see that he was still alive. He’d been there a lot for the past weeks. Actually, he’d been to the hospital a lot for the past two years, ever since he was diagnosed but now when Zacky was there his visits were a lot more frequent. Why did everyone he loved end up at the hospital? Was this his fault again just like it was with Zacky?
It didn’t take many minutes for him to get there. The familiar white walls somehow seemed even more suffocating than usual. Zach fe
:iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 1 0
Poem for L
The butterfly by the name of Keven
Thought he could fly all the way to heaven
He didn’t care that the sun was still burning
Up towards that sky he was still yearning
He packed his bags with lots of pancakes
Said goodbye too past and present heartaches
After days of flying down he fell
Landed by this pretty little well
In the well he saw the sun
Smiling at him, having fun
He then knew he’d gone the wrong way
That he from his set path had to sway
He flew home and was met with laughter
Then he had his happily ever after
:iconcarpedentum:CarpeDentum 2 12

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So Lienwyn tagged me. Or just told me to do this. So I will. Despite being Batman I will now be an Avenger for a moment.

Tony Stark / Iron Man
[/] You like booze (I like wine. Does that count?)
[ ] You are the life of the party
[x] You love gadgets
[ ] You can be rather cocky
[x] Your favorite color is red or gold
[/] You're good with computers
[/] You use sarcasm a lot
[x] You love getting attention (I am a bit of an attentionwhore. At least I'm honest about it.)
[ ] You're good at mechanics (better than most at least)
[ ] You have issues with your parents

4½ / 10

Dr. Bruce Banner / The Hulk
[ ] You're good at science (too logical. I love reading about new findings though. )
[x] You can get very aggressive when ticked off (When I'm reeeally ticked off.)
[/] You like to be secluded most of the time
[x] You like wearing baggy clothes
[x] You like to meditate
[ ] You like doing science experiments
[x] You try to avoid getting into fights
[x] You like wearing purple things (my favourite colour!)
[/] You're clever (-ish?)
[ ] Your favorite color is green

6 / 10

Thor Odinson
[x] You're good with a hammer
[x] You like coffee
[ ] You can eat a truckload of food and still be hungry
[ ] You can be arrogant
[ ] You have long hair
[ ] You have an interest in astronomy
[x] You can get sulky when things don't go your way
[/] You're willing to take a fall for someone else (on veeeery special occasions)
[x] You like to dress up as fantasy characters
[ ] You don't get on well with your sibling(s)

4½ / 10

Steve Rogers / Captain America
[x] You like helping those in need in any way you can
[x] You hate bullies
[/] You're a great leader (when I take leadership on, sure. But I'm lazy)
[x] You're a bit of a do-gooder (depends on the situation really)
[x] One of your favorite color is red, white or blue (reeeed, red red red)
[ ] You like wearing things with stars on them
[ ] You strongly admire the army
[ ] You have a good throwing arm
[ ] You like war films
[ ] You're good at running

4½ / 10

Colonel Nick Fury
[x] You like wearing long coats
[x] You're good at organizing things
[/] You're good at being in the loop
[ ] You like guns
[x] You're good at giving information to people (it's my JOB) <--- this
[ ] You like giving solutions to peoples problems
[ ] You like eyepatches
[ ] You work best as part of a team
[x] You like beards (YES PLEASE) <--- This again
[x] You like wearing black things

5½ / 10

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
[ ] You like wearing tight clothes
[ ] You can do martial arts
[ ] You're intrested in the world of spies
[ ] You have red hair
[ ] You're quite agile
[ ] People generally don't know much about the real you
[/] You like to make yourself look good
[x] You can speak another language
[/] You're good at taking orders (I'm stingy about who gets to give them to me.)
[ ] You were born in a different country to the one you are living in now

2 / 10

Clint Barton / Hawkeye
[ ] You're very good at archery
[ ] You currently like/love someone on your team
[x] You like to wear purple and black
[ ] You're very good at aiming
[ ] You've worked at the carnival
[/] You like working in a team
[x] You're up for almost anything thrown at you (I try)
[ ] You'd be a top assassin if you ever took the job (hahahahaha, riiiight)
[ ] You're quiet
[x] You tend to get along with people well

3½ / 10

Loki Laufeyson
[/] You want to be a great leader
[x] You want to prove something
[ ] You're the younger sibling
[/] You've been/are overshadowed by a sibling (the three of us overshadow each other in different areas)
[ ] You don't get along so great with your sibling
[x] You're good at acting/lying
[ ] You're adopted
[ ] You're very clever (no very but a little clever?)
[ ] You are able to trick people easily
[ ] Your favorite color is green or gold

3 / 10

So I'm Bruce Banner/The Hulk. I'm not that surprised actually. I try to keep calm but when I can't I explode. Pretty accurate.


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